The Movement 2020 Project: Our 8-10 Year Vision, Strategy, and Plan

The Movement 2020 Project: What is Our Ten Year Vision, Strategy, and Plan?

The purpose of the Movement 2020 Project is to spark and facilitate a provocative movement-wide conversation and deep reflection, visioning, and strategizing about how to build the movement we want in order to see the world we want in 2020 and beyond.

What will the Movement 2020 Project do?

  • Put out a bold “provocative plan” – a 10 year vision and goals to upgrade the progressive movement – to spark discussion and get people thinking boldly and concretely about the future.
  • Conduct 100+ interviews with key movement leaders responding to this “straw man” plan and giving their own vision (in writing, multi-media, etc.)
  • Organize 100+ small group conversations about the future of the movement.
  • 1000+ contributions from members of the public.
  • Synthesize these ideas into a coherent vision, narrative, strategy, and plan for consideration.
  • We will work with key stakeholders to begin operationalizing the movement 2020 vision as appropriate.

Categories of people to include:

  • Non-profit leaders
  • Progressive business leaders
  • Union organizers and leaders
  • Elected leaders
  • Funders and donors
  • Writers, speakers, and thought leaders
  • Local grassroots leaders, organizers and activists
  • Young organizers and activists
  • Online and netroots activists
  • Arts and cultural leaders
  • Clergy and spiritual leaders
  • Professional leaders (doctors, military, psychologists, etc)
  • Policy experts (economists, foreign policy, etc)
  • Management experts (private, public, non-profit sector)

Provocative prompt questions:

  • If the movement didn’t exist and you were creating it from scratch, how would you design it differently than it is now?
  • What is our 21st Century story, vision, strategy, message?
  • How do we make the whole greater than the sum of its parts?  How do we overcome fragmentation?
  • What is our common identity that people can deeply identify with?
  • How can we get from a competitive non-profit org mentality to a collaborative movement mentality?
  • What are the new ideas, innovations, and technologies we should experiment with?
  • How can we better fund the movement? (more money, more donors, more earned income, more creativity, better experience for donors and organizations?
  • What does winning look like and how do we do it?
  • How do we better engage and empower many more volunteers (at all levels) better?
  • How do we transform burnout and the negative experience so many people have in the movement and our organizations?  How do we increase retention?
  • How do we increase movement recruitment? Especially of youth?
  • How do we engage baby boomer retirees who have time and want to help?
  • How do we stop infighting and unhealthy types of competitiveness?
  • How do we better integrate strategies and tactics (ie. direct action, electoral politics, advocacy, organizing, culture, etc?)
  • How do we more constructively bridge our diversity of ideology – radical vs. reformist tendencies?
  • How do we more constructively bridge our diversity of race, class, gender, sexuality, religion, age, ability, etc.
  • How do we better engage and support our artists and celebrities?
  • How do we better engage and support folks who are most directly effected by injustice and environmental crisis?
  • How do we use emerging technologies? What will be possible and how should we factor emerging technologies into our plans?
  • What is the leadership we need to get our movement to the next level?
  • Who are some of the movement leaders we need to support and elevate more? (to elected office, popular media, or otherwise?)
  • How do we create a culture of mutual trust and accountability – without stifling individuality?
  • What are some of the challenges that might get in the way of us reaching our goals and how do we overcome them?
  • What structures, systems, tools, technologies and processes will facilitate us to do our best?
  • etc.

How will the 1000 interviews happen?

  • The organizers will seed some of them.
  • We will share and invite the public and key list-serves to contribute directly.
  • We invite volunteers to interview key folks from a list.

Short Survey option:

  • What is your vision for the movement in 2020? (please be as specific and concrete as possible)
  • What is your reaction to “the provocative plan”?
  • What is your vision for your organization in 2020 and how do you see it fitting into a larger plan?
  • What is your vision for yourself and how do you see yourself fitting into a larger plan?

What is this “the movement” of which you speak? 🙂

A social movement is a community of people, rooted in shared values, who take courageous action toward common purposes. We define our movement as the broadest community of people who (despite our individual shortcomings) believe in a love-based value system, including principles of: care, fairness, freedom, opportunity, respect, peace, truth, creativity, and sustainability –and who work for systemic change. Many people we consider to be part of the movement may or may not consider themselves to be part of “the movement.”  We believe that believing in a movement is a self-fulfilling prophesy: The more we see ourselves and act as part of a movement, the stronger, greater, more united, and more vibrant a movement we can create. To all kindred spirits, we say: Welcome to the movement! Let us build a great movement together! Let’s build a joyous, growing, beloved community in which the whole of us together is greater than the sum of our parts.

This sounds cool! How can I be involved?

  • Write your own vision and response to the “provocative plan” or have someone interview you, and then you interview them and post your ideas at
  • Host a “movement 2020 visioning session” and post the results.
  • Help us interview individuals and post their visions and responses online at
  • Next, drop a note to —– and let us know you want to be involved.

Who is behind this?

Movement 2020 Project organizers Billy Wimsatt and Leah Hunt-Hendrix will take responsibility for facilitating the process in order to provide clear leadership and accountability for the overall success of the effort. Leah and Billy work with Game Changer Labs, a project of Movement Strategy Center.

What is “The Provocative Plan” – it sounds provocative.

The Provocative Plan is:

1. LOCAL SELF-ORGANIZING AT SCALE – Build Local Independent, Progressive Neighborhood Dream Teams in all 200,000+ Precincts in the US. Local Dream Team will do four things: A) Elections, local and national; B)  Issues local and national; C) Community-building and creativity (ie. block parties); D) Local economics (ie. barter, solar panels, etc).  

2. VISION, STRATEGY, THEORY, PLAN: Build a shared narrative, vision, values, goals, strategy and plan so that everyone is clear on what we believe, what we’e trying to do, how we plan to get there, our theory of change, and why we believe what we do.

3. MEDIA POWER – Media power: Spokespersons, networks, distribution channels that we own. Need to develop.

4. POLICY AGENDA – A comprehensive policy agenda along the lines of the Contract for the American Dream, which was created by over 100,000 Americans and signed by over 300,000.

5. POLITICAL POWER – Organize voters in the lead-up to 2020 redistricting with the goal of governing super-majorities at all levels as the millennial generation reaches 1/3 of the electorate.

6. INNOVATION AND EXPERIMENTATION – Invest in innovation and experiments to organize more people and win more changes.

7. DEEPER COLLABORATION AND TRUST-BUILDING – For existing leaders and institutions to buy into a such a big and deeply shared strategy, we need a lot of investment in trust-building.

8. LEADERSHIP FOR A BETTER MOVEMENT – Invest in developing stronger leadership at all levels.

9. RESOURCE ORGANIZING – We need better ways to get more resources at all levels, to spend them wisely, and to break down the barriers and distinctions between organizers with access to money and other resources.

10. LOVE AS OUR CORE VALUE – Love thyself, Love Your Family, Love thy Neighbor, Love your community and your people, Love Your Country (patriotism). Love Your Planet and All Creation (Love God and the creative force in the universe that gave all of us the gift of life).

(The Provocative Plan needs to be developed 🙂